Saturday, August 27, 2011

Trip 116: Go South West Young Men

Date: August 27, 2011
Trip: 116
Landmarks Visited: 5
Landmarks To-Date: 332
Landmarks Remaining: 21

On Saturday morning Shawn and I headed to the south west side.

1. Truevine Missionary Baptist Church Building (6720 S. Stewart Ave.)

This landmark is a bit of a milestone for me as it is the last church on the list.

2. Engine Company 129, Truck 50 (8120 S. Ashland Ave.)

This landmark is also a milestone for me--it's the last fire station on the list.

3. Longwood Drive District (9800-11000 S. Longwood Ave. & 10400-10700 S. Seeley Ave.)

This district is a  beautiful neighborhood on the south west side of stately homes. Part of the neighborhood's charm is the variety of architectural styles and the very large scale yards for an urban neighborhood. It's almost like a suburb in the city.

4. American System-Built Houses (10410 & 10541 S. Hoyne Ave.)

The design of these two houses was Frank Lloyd Wright's answer to affordable housing. The two homes below were the only ones built in a planned subdivision that was abandoned because of World War I.

5. Foster House and Stable (12147 S. Harvard Ave.)

This house is yet another Frank Lloyd Wright design. The roof lines of both the house and the stable definitely show Japanese influences. I also like how the side entryway is surrounded by vertical boards. It makes it seem somehow more grand.