Friday, July 30, 2010

Trip 54: A Bike Ride to Gold Coast

Date: July 25, 2010
Trip: 54
Landmarks Visited: 5
Landmarks To-Date: 151
Landmarks Remaining: 202

One thing that I have really gotten luckily about with this project is the weather. We've had a really beautiful summer so far in Chicago. So last Sunday I went for another bike ride on a sunny day. This time I rode to Gold Coast and Lincoln Park.

1. Abraham Lincoln Monument

Because of the bright sunshine it was difficult to get any good photos of the monument.

2. Astor Street District

Astor Street is in Gold Coast, which is probably Chicago's wealthiest neighborhood. I'd never been on this street before and I was impressed. It's primarily a street lined with single-family homes, some of which definitely qualify as mansions. I was surprised to see that there are also two art deco highrises on the street. They are included in the photos below.

The street is a great location because it's just one block west of Lake Shore Drive, but it's much quieter.

3. Seven Houses on Lake Shore Drive District

I've seen these houses many times driving down Lake Shore--you can't help but notice them. And one of them is now how to the International Surgical Museum that I've also visited a couple of times. But it's still impressive to walk down the street and look at each of these housed up close.

4. Lincoln Avenue Row House District

After seeing the mansions on Astor Street and Lake Shore Drive, it's hard to find much to say about these row houses.

5. Arlington and Roslyn Place District

This is yet another district of beautiful tree-lined streets in Lincoln Park. I'm beginning to think that the entire neighborhood is, or should be landmarked.