Thursday, October 13, 2011

Trip 121: Traffic Jams Can't Stop Me

Date: October 2, 2011
Trip: 121
Landmarks Visited: 4
Landmarks To-Date: 349
Landmarks Remaining: 4

This trip to the southwest side of town was slowed by a major accident on I-90. Police had the road completely closed, but luckily I had decided to exit before traffic came to a full stop. It took about 90 minutes to get to the first landmark. I was tempted to turn-around for the day, but I'm so closed to the end that I stuck it out. And thanks to GPS, getting off the expressway at a random exit is no longer a problem.

1. Waller Apartments (2840-58 W Walnut Street)

This is a relatively small apartment block near the original Sears Tower.

2. Five Houses an Avers District (1942-2102 S Avers Avenue)

This district is five houses in row on Avers. The addresses are deceiving because the houses are all within one block.

3. Iglehart House (11118 S Artesian Avenue)

This farmhouse managed to survive the growth of the city and the construction of an expressway literally next to it.

4. Palliser's Cottage Home No. 35 (2314 W 111th Place)

The landmark plaque explains that the name of this house was taken from the fact that its design appeared on page 35 of a pattern catalog titled "Palliser's American Cottage Homes". This is the only known design by this company built in Chicago.


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