Monday, April 26, 2010

Trip 16: Immaculata High School and Convent Buildings

Date: April 25, 2010
Trip: 16
Landmarks Visited: 1
Landmarks To-date: 22
Landmarks Remaining: 331
On Sunday I walked from home to visit a neighborhood landmark. I had bigger ideas for the day, but the weather didn't cooperate--cool, rainy and windy.
I went to see the old Immaculata High School and Convent. It's obviously been abandoned for quite some time. There appear to be three basic sections to the building. The original part is the most ornate and it looks like it included an auditorium, gymnasium or chapel. There are additions on either side that look like they're from the 50's. The addition off the back looks like it included the main classrooms and it is currently in use as a Montessori school. The addition off to the other side appears to have been the dormitories for the nuns. It's definitely empty since you can see completely through the rooms.
For a largely vacant site, it's very well maintained. I only saw one small broken window, and someone mows the lawn and picks up trash.
The entire site has to be pretty valuable because of it's location near Lake Michigan--even give the current economy. I've read that the site is still owned by the Catholic Church which is holding on to it in hopes of putting it to future use. Given that churches don't pay property taxes, I expect the church can hold on for a long time.
I think it would make a great location for a horror film.

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