Monday, April 26, 2010

Trip 17: Alta Vista Terrace District

Date: April 26, 2010
Trip: 17
Landmarks Visited: 1
Landmarks To-Date: 23
Landmarks Remaining: 330
After work today I walked from home to Alta Vista Terrace. It's basically a one block street with town homes from the turn of the last century on both sides of the street. I called them town homes and not row houses, because on either side of the street each house is architecturally unique. But what makes the street even more interesting is that basically each design is repeated diagonally opposite on the other side of the street. It's like the two sides of the street are mirror images of each other. It's also interesting that this street is only a couple of blocks from Wrigley Field, but it seems very quiet and residential.
I would describe this neighborhood as quaint, which is a word I don't usually use to describe Chicago. The street is very narrow by Chicago standards, and the houses are built right at the sidewalk which adds to this feel. This street feels more like Boston than Chicago.


  1. Chris,
    Do you know why the house were built so close to the street?

  2. I don't. It might just be that the lots were small. There is a private school behind one side of the street.

  3. If I could choose a street to live on in Chicago, this would be it!