Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trip 76: Halloween in Logan Square

Date: October 31, 2010
Trip: 76
Landmarks Visited: 2
Landmarks To-Date: 207
Landmarks Remaining: 146

I spent a sunny Halloween afternoon in the Logan Square neighborhood. I always thought it was interesting that this neighborhood has wide boulevards, but I didn't realize until this trip that they are part of a network that encircles the city. According to what I read, the boulevards date back to the 1830's are were part real estate plan, part city beautification plan. At the time Logan Square was outside of the city limits of Chicago, but the city has since grown well west of the neighborhood. City parks were a new concept at the time, and the boulevards were originally managed as part of a park district. Today they are just city streets, but Logan Square is still a unique neighborhood because of all the green space.

The real estate portion of the plan definitely succeeded in attracting people to build large, ornate homes facing the boulevards. Some of the homes qualify as mansion in my opinion. This neighborhood is supposed to have the largest collection of grey stones in Chicago.

The district includes two large squares; the namesake Logan Square and Palmer Square. Logan Square includes a monument to Illinois' centennial. Palmer Square is larger, and is entirely green space.

After this trip I definitely plan to drive the boulevard loop around the city. I may even add this to my brother Jeff's personal tour the next time that he visits.

1. Rath House

The Rath House is located in the Logan Square district, although it is unusual for the neighborhood. Most of the houses along the boulevards are grey stones and other more traditional designs.

2. Logan Square Boulevards District


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