Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trip 75: Red to Green for Two Landmarks

Date: October 30, 2010
Trip: 75
Landmarks Visited: 2
Landmarks To-Date: 205
Landmarks Remaining: 148

On a beautiful fall Saturday I took the Red Line south to Clark and Division to see a landmark in Gold Coast. Then I got back on the train and continued south, switched to the Green Line and headed a little west to see another in the West Loop.

1. Three Arts Club

This building was originally built as residences and studios for female artists. The organization eventually ran out of money, and the building is now vacant. One developer had a plan to covert the building into a mausoleum, but the neighbors fought that idea. I personally think a mausoleum would be a good neighbor--quiet, no late night traffic.

I have never been inside the building myself, but have seen photos of the central courtyard with a fountain. Hopefully someone finds a use that can preserve the building.

I took pictures of two nearby houses that I thought were interesting and unusual for Chicago. Neither of them is landmarked as far as I know.

2. Chicago & North Western Railway Powerhouse
This is an odd shaped building that was fitted in between railroad tracks and Clinton Street. At one time it generated heat and power for a train station that has since been torn down, and for passenger trains while they were at the station. Today the building houses a high-end restaurant called Prairie Fire and a pub call New Line Tavern.
I took a couple of photos from the Green Line platform (through the glass) and in one you can just make out the initials C&NW in the decorative stonework. The building is pretty ornate when you consider its original utilitarian function. And it still has its smokestack.

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