Saturday, January 15, 2011

Trip 86: Four North Side Houses

Date: January 15, 2011
Trip: 86
Landmarks Visited: 4
Landmarks To-Date: 224
Landmarks Remaining: 129

It was a cold and overcast Saturday afternoon so I decided to drive to a few scattered landmarked homes on the north side.

1. Race House

This Italianate style house originally belonged to the founding Race family of Irving Park, now a neighborhood of Chicago.

2. Wingert House
This house in the Norwood Park neighborhood is one of the oldest surviving farmhouses in Chicago. Having been built in 1854, it is also pre-dates the fire.

3. Turzak House
I could find little info about this house except that it was built in 1938-39. It's definitely a very modern design for its era.

4. Henry V Peters House

Similarly I could not find any info on this house.

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