Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trip 99: Beverly/Morgan Railroad District

Date: March 27, 2001

Trip: 99

Landmarks Visited: 1

Landmarks To-Date: 272

Landmarks Remaining: 81

On a sunny Sunday morning I headed south with my biggest entourage yet for a landmark trip. My friends James (the amateur photographer), Nick (the professional photographer) and Yen (the gallerist) joined me. We went to the Beverly Hills and Morgan Park neighborhoods to see a group of landmarked train stations. The six stations are located from 91st to 115th Streets.

A. Beverly Hills - 91st Street Station Yen, James and Nick

B. Beverly Hills - 95th Street Station

We remarked walking up to this station that it looked more like a home than a station. The landmark plaque says that the original 1890s station was replaced in 1945 with a building that was designed to reflect the surrounding houses. The building was renovated in 2000 and looks brand new.

C. Beverly Hills - 99th Street Walden Station

This station, while small, is very picturesque.

D. Beverly Hills - 107th Street Station

This station is in rough shape. To me it looked like a neglected cottage from an inland lake in Michigan.

This is Nick shooting photos from between the railroad tracks. I told him that my dad, who worked for railroads his whole career, would not be pleased. But Yen had read the schedule at one of the stations and the train only runs every two hours on Sunday. Since we'd already seen a train go by, there wasn't too much risk.

E. Morgan Park - 111th Street Station

This was definitely the largest and nicest of the stations in the district. Notice the brick fireplace in the waiting area. I also liked that the undersides of the eaves are painted aqua.

F. Morgan Park - 115th Street Station

This station appears to have been abandoned by Metra. There are large holes in the roof, and one end of the building is taped-off. This is probably because of the risk of the roof collapsing. It's sad because it is a very quaint building. I especially liked the rounded corners.

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