Friday, September 16, 2011

Trip 117: Two New Guests

Date: September 10, 2011
Trip: 117
Landmarks Visited: 2
Landmarks To-Date: 334
Landmarks Remaining: 19

Two new friends, David and Kevin, joined me on this sunny Saturday morning. We visited two landmarked districts on the south side.

1. Jackson Park Highlands District (6700-7100 S. Bennett, Constance, Cregier and Euclid Avenues)

This neighborhood really reminded me of how wealthy the south side of Chicago was at one time. The neighborhood is block after block of substantial brick homes with large yards. It's still a beautiful neighborhood today. Unique for Chicago is that the neighborhood does not have alleys or visible power lines. I read on the landmark plaque that underground power lines were one of the innovations in this district.

2. Washington Park Court District (4900-4959 S. Washington Park Court)

This district is basically a block of row homes on both sides of the street. I think it is unusual for Chicago in that the houses are physically connected, where in most Chicago neighborhoods there is some space between each home. The variety of architectural styles is impressive for such a relatively small area.

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