Friday, September 16, 2011

Trip 118: Life Goes On

Date: September 11, 2011
Trip: 118
Landmarks Visited: 5
Landmarks To-Date: 339
Landmarks Remaining: 14

On the anniversary of the terrorist attacks, Shawn and I went to see some landmarks. Going on with normal life seemed like the right way to spend the day.

1. Sunset Cafe (315 E 35th Street)

This former jazz club is now a hardware store.

2. Giles-Calumet District (3700-3800 Giles and Calumet Avenues)

This is another district of period row houses. Although not as opulent as those in some other districts, these homes still have a lot of character.

3. Richard Wright House (4831 S Vincennes Avenue)

The author wrote his first novel while living on the second floor of this house.

1. Greenwood Row House District

These row houses are located near the University of Chicago, and according to something I read were originally targeted at professors. Interestingly, the houses look detached from the front, but are connected in the back.

4. Raber House (5760 S Lafayette Avenue)

I've been wanting to see this landmark since I read a Tribune article about it. Apparently a developer wants to buy the building, renovate it, and use it as basically the headquarters for an urban vineyard that would utilize the surrounding vacant land. This would be very back-to-the-future because the building was originally the manor house for an urban plantation.

Given the condition of the building, it would be amazing if these plans came to fruition. The city owns the building so buying it would probably not be a problem. But I can't imagine the costs of restoring the structure. From the outside at least, all that appears to be left is the brick facade. But I would love a chance to see the interior...

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