Friday, June 18, 2010

Trip 38: Swedish American State Bank Building

Date: June 9, 2010
Trip: 38
Landmarks Visited: 1
Landmarks To-Date: 71
Landmarks Remaining: 282

On a chilly spring morning I drove to Andersonville on the way to work. It's Chicago's historically Swedish neighborhood, and home to the Swedish American State Bank Building. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the building is that the entire facade is ceramic tile. There are a lot of brick buildings in Chicago with ceramic tile accents, but this is the first I've seen with the entire building covered from the peak to the ground with large ceramic tiles. It also has large arched windows.

The building now houses a Hamburger Mary's restaurant. I've eaten at the restaurant with my brother Jeff and his wife Kathy, and I've been to a chamber event in the second floor party room. It's an impressive room with a vaulted ceiling. I wondered at the time if it was originally the board room for the bank.

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