Monday, August 16, 2010

Trip 60: Another Saturday in Lincoln Park

Date: August 7, 2010
Trip: 60
Landmarks Visited: 7
Landmarks To-Date: 166
Landmarks Remaining: 187

I spent another Saturday afternoon looking at landmarks in and around Lincoln Park.

1. Yondorf Block and Hall

This building currently houses a jewelry store and offices for the Steppenwolf Theatre that is located just around the corner. It's part of the North Avenue shopping district. A new Apple store will be located kitty corner to this building.

2. Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway Bridge No. Z-2
This railroad bridge at first isn't very interesting. But after reading a historic marker near the bridge I appreciate it a little more. The bridge rotated to open, but not at the center of the river as most rotating bridges do. Instead it rotated at one side of the river so it was off-center when open. The large cement block shown in the photos was a counter weight to keep the bridge balanced when it was open. The bridge also connected Chicago proper with Goose Island at a time when the island was a booming industrial area. The bridge no longer opens, and I think it's primarily used by pedestrians today. I'm guessing that employees at Wrigley's R&D center on the island use the bridge to walk to lunch along North Avenue.

3. Henry Gerber House

I had walked right past this house when I toured the Old Town Triangle District without realizing at the time that it is landmarked separately from the overall district. According to the landmark plaque, the house was home to the nation's first gay rights organization in 1924-25.

4. Village North Theatre

If you ever wanted to be in the theatre business in Chicago, here's your chance. According to the sign the Village North Theatre is available for lease. I've never been in the theatre so I don't know much about it. It's not far from Second City's theatre, so maybe there's some hope for it.

5. Madlener House

6. Charnley House
I also walked right past this house when I was touring the Astor Street District.

7. Lion House
The Lion House is located at the Lincoln Park Zoo, which amazingly is a free zoo. You'll notice that there aren't any photos of lion's here. I intentionally focused on the building because I'm torn on my position on zoos. I know they do important conservation work, but it also seems cruel to keep large animals like lions in such small cages. And I'm not so certain that African animals should be subjected to Chicago winters.

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