Monday, August 30, 2010

Trip 63: Too Lazy to Bike

Date: August 26, 2010
Trip: 62
Landmarks Visited: 3
Landmarks To-Date: 176
Landmarks Remaining: 177

On Thursday I decided I was too tired to bike after a long day of work, so I drove to see three landmarks. That turned out to be a bad decision because a string of traffic lights were out on Irving Park, for no apparent reason. A trip that should have taken 30 minutes instead took nearly two hours.

1. Whistle Stop Inn

This building is interesting because it's a wood frame commercial building. You don't see many of those in Chicago. It looks like a saloon from the Old West. It's also odd that it survived in its location because it's next to an exit ramp for the Kennedy expressway.

2. Peoples Gas Irving Park Neighborhood Store

Peoples Gas must have had locations all over the city at one time, because I've noticed several others. These probably date from the time when people would walk in and pay their gas bills in cash.
This building looks like it might be a Louis Sullivan design.

3. Kimbell Trust and Savings Bank Building
This building is no longer a bank. It seems to house a social service organization. It's not an extremely interesting building, so I don't have a good guess as to why it was landmarked.

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