Sunday, May 1, 2011

Trip 101: Kenwood

Date: April 17, 2011
Trip: 101
Landmarks Visited: 4
Landmarks To-Date: 281
Landmarks Remaining: 72

On a sunny Sunday morning my friends Yen, Nick and I headed to the Kenwood neighborhood on the south side. Of all the landmark districts I've seen so far, this neighborhood has the largest concentration of large, vintage, single-family homes. The variety of architecture is impressive as well.

1. McGill House

I would have expected to find this house in the French countryside, not on a Chicago street. It's spectacular in scale and detail, and has been beautifully maintained. The original mansion has been divided into apartments or condos, but the exterior still looks like a single family home. 


2. North Kenwood District
3. Kenwood District

These are actually two separate landmark districts, but on the ground it feels like one neighborhood. So I didn't attempt to separate the photos. I just included a few of homes that I particularly liked.


4. Stephen A. Douglas Tomb

We actually came across this landmark by accident while driving home. Douglas was a senator and is probably most remembered as being Lincoln's political rival. His tomb is located on a portion of his prior estate and probably overlooked vast grounds in its day. But today it overlooks railroad tracks and Lake Shore Drive. Still the monument itself is beautiful, and is in such perfect condition that it looks as if it could have been built yesterday.


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