Sunday, May 29, 2011

Trip 104: Railroad Bridges

Date: May 29, 2011
Trip: 104
Landmarks Visited: 3
Landmarks To-Date: 290
Landmarks Remaining: 63

I set out on Saturday morning with a plan to see six landmarked railroad bridges. But I learned that railroad bridges are hard to get to. First, they're located on private property. Second they tend to be surrounded by industrial property with no easy access. So I ended up having to find roadway bridges with views of the target railroad bridges, or nearby city parks that happen to have a clear view. The process took longer than expected, and the rain cut my day short at just three bridges.

1. Chicago & Northwestern Railway Bridge

This bridge is abandoned, and it doesn't seem that it will ever be used for trains again. The east side of the bridge is almost on top of the Merchandise Mart building. And the west side of the bridge is very close to residential condos. It also might be permanently rusted open. 

2. Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge

This bridge reminded me somewhat in appearance of the Tower Bridge in London. But instead of the center of the bridge being cantilevered, the entire deck is lifted upward along the towers.

3. Pennsylvania Railroad "Eight Track" Bridge

This bridge appears to be four side by side bridges. Two of the bridges appear to cantilever toward one shore, and two to the other shore. I was thinking that the bridges probably look like scissors as they open and close for boats to pass.

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