Sunday, July 25, 2010

Trip 53: An Art Event on South Wabash

Date: July 24, 2010
Trip: 53
Landmarks Visited: 2
Landmarks To-Date: 146
Landmarks Remaining: 207

On Saturday I attended an art event held at a Columbia College facility in the South Loop. The building where the event was held happened to be a landmark, and during a break I walked up the street attempting to see another.

1. Dexter Building

When I walked up the street I couldn't find the Dexter Building. I took these photos of the lot where I thought it had been. A quick web search showed that the building burnt down in 2006.

2. Ludington Building
This building is now occupied by Columbia College. The landmark plaque states that it's the city's earliest surviving steel-frame building. It was also one of the first buildings using a terra cotta facade. And it's this facade that really makes the look of the building.

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