Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trip 51: A Chamber Meeting in River North

Date: July 21, 2010
Trip: 51
Landmarks Visited: 2
Landmarks To-Date: 143
Landmarks Remaining: 210

Wednesday after work I went back to River North for a chamber of commerce mixer. This time I drove because I didn't have much time, and because parking is relatively easy to find in this neighborhood after 5 pm. The mixer was nice because it was on the roof of Citizen Bar. It was a beautiful summer evening to be out and enjoy the sun.

After the mixer I visited two neighborhood landmarks.

1. Assumption School Building

I've noticed this building before but I wouldn't have guessed that it was originally a school. It looks more like an office building to me. On this visit I noticed where the name had been scrapped off the facade. Today the building is rather nice looking condos.

2. Cosmopolitan State Bank Building
Truthfully, I did not find this building very impressive. It's a one story red brick building with simple sandstone accents. I've seen it before and just assumed that it was a relatively contemporary bank building.
The interior of the building must be the key to its landmark status, but since it was after hours I couldn't see much of it. I Googled the name of the bank and learned that it failed in 1991. Today the location is a US Bank branch. The city landmark designation says that it was built during the "golden age" of bank architecture from 1910 to the Great Depression in 1929.

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