Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trip 49: Old Town Triangle District

Date: July 20, 2010
Trip: 49
Landmarks Visited: 1
Landmarks To-Date: 139
Landmarks Remaining: 214

After work on a Tuesday I braved rain-threatening skies and took the Red Line south to the Brown Line to the Sedgwick Station to visit the Old Town Triangle District. As the name suggests it's a sort-of triangular shaped district on the southern edge of the Lincoln Park neighborhood.

The district is interesting/ confusing to a Chicagoan because the streets don't match the overall city grid plan. Apparently this area largely survived the fire, so the streets where never rebuilt on the grid. The streets are narrow and windy by local standards, and some of the street names are even unique to the district. I know that someone from San Francisco probably wouldn't think this, but the narrow, random streets made me think of that city.

The neighborhood was originally built by German immigrants, then it became a Latino neighborhood, then a gay/ bohemian neighborhood and today is fully gentrified. It's a primarily residential district, with a wide variety of homes.

I read once that there used to be a saying something like, 'If you can hear the bells of St. Michael's you know you're in Old Town'. So I thought St. Michael's church would be a good place to start my tour.

Identifying the exact borders of the district is a little confusing because one side is bounded by the former Ogden road right-of-way. You can see were the road had been on a map, but it's a little difficult to follow when you're actually on foot. Still I think all of the photos here are officially in the district.

This is the only German looking building that I found in the district.

This building is a Buddhist temple.

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