Monday, September 13, 2010

Trip 67: Former Chicago Historical Society Building

Date: September 9, 2010
Trip: 67
Landmarks Visited: 1
Landmarks To-Date: 180
Landmarks Remaining: 173

After work on Thursday I took the Red Line to River North to see a building that I've always liked. It was originally home to the Chicago Historical Society but is now a large night club. I've been to the club a couple of times a while back, and the building is definitely as interesting inside as it is outside. I have to give the club owners credit for preserving the building.

I wasn't in Chicago when the historical society decided to move out of this location, but I have a hard time imaging why they did it. This building is certainly more architecturally interesting than their rather generic current location. They probably needed space, but it's too bad they didn't find a solution that involved keeping this building.

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