Monday, May 10, 2010

Trip 25: New Regal Theater

Date: May 8, 2010
Trip: 25
Landmarks Visited: 1
Landmarks To-Date: 31
Landmarks Remaining: 322
On Saturday morning I was driving to Toledo for Mother's Day, and I stopped to see my first south side landmark. The New Regal Theater is a Moorish style theater on 79th Street. I had wanted to go there for quite a while because I see it every time that I drive on the Chicago Skyway.
I read that the theater is in foreclosure. It would be interesting if someone did a study of how many Chicago landmarks are in foreclosure. It's got to be relatively high because I know of quite a few just from reading the local business news.
The building is known for it's design, as well as the mural painted on the rear wall.

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