Monday, May 17, 2010

Trip 26: Museum of Science & Industry

Date: May 16, 2010
Trip: 26
Landmarks Visited: 1
Landmarks To-Date: 32
Landmarks Remaining: 321
On Sunday I stopped in Hyde Park on the way home from visiting my parents in Toledo to see the Museum of Science & Industry. I've seen the building many times, and visited the museum itself twice. But this was the first time that I walked the grounds completely around the museum. (The Obama's have a home in Hyde Park, but there is speculation that they will never live there again due to security issues.)
This is the first time that I've 'cheated' on a photograph. The first image in this post is a stock photo that I purchased for a business use a while ago. But it's such a good image that I used it here again. It shows the back side of the museum, which I think originally was the front. I should say that this building is the only building remaining from the 1892 world's fair. Although, much of the building has been replaced since the fair. The exterior walls of the building were made of temporary materials for the fair. It was later replaced with stone when the building was saved to be used as a museum.
I think it's a little disappointing that the grounds of the museum aren't really utilized. It seems like there could be some outside science exhibits like weather stations, solar panels, windmills or some type of nature projects. (The grounds could also be a sculpture garden!) But everything seems to be contained inside of the museum. And much of the exterior of the building itself isn't even used. The front of the museum has three entrances, but only the middle is used. I took a photo of the door on the left that is even rusting. I also took a photo of part of the museum building that is blocked off by fencing, and looks neglected.
The photo of a modern looking structure is actually an exhibit of a green home, that does utilize the grounds of the museum somewhat.

Overall, it is a beautiful building located in a park, and just across South Lake Shore Drive from Lake Michigan. It's definitely worth a visit.


  1. I'm so glad you took these pictures - there are so few good photos of the MSI available.

  2. A client suggested that I place a "nice painting" rather higher up on the wall of my dental surgery, so that she could see while dental work was being done for her. A good idea, I thought, to distract clients.
    My nurse found and ordered this canvas print,, by Gustav Klimt, by browsing to who made our excellent print from their database of images from western art.

  3. I love this! Great photos! Thank you for sharing :)